Saying Goodbye, New Beginnings.

September journal entry- written a week into the adventure.  A projection of what the end of it all might feel like.  Reflecting on it two days before I fly home.  Grateful for a year of growth and adventure. Cheers to saying goodbye once again and to new beginnings ahead. ❤  

If you do something like this, you are going to be filled with anticipation and the thrill that comes only from traveling the world. Then you are going to leave home, and a part of you will feel heart broken, missing, lost. You will arrive, and your new experiences will not replace what you have left, but they will slowly start to mend the cracks, one day at a time- slowly, then all at once, you will feel this place becoming more than a job, more than some foreign land. You will wake up one day, blink, and this place that you spent your whole life dreaming about will become bigger than the dream. You will one day say goodbye again, but it will be easier because you will be stronger, because you did what you came here to do. You will return to your old life with something called perspective and you’ll realize the only ruts that exist are the ones you create for yourself. Conversely, so are your successes.

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